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But first, coffee. 


Value of Branding

We are deeply passionate about providing strategic brand development for small businesses and solopreneurs.  Many successful businesses carefully build their brand. It's why you order a "Venti" at Starbucks, or why you feel safe driving a Subaru. Your experience with that brand has been expertly crafted. 

Your brand is an investment, like a good suit, stocks or a bottle of wine (if we could ever keep a bottle longer than two days). If taken care of, it will pay for itself over and over again. 


You are not a paycheck. You are a person. And we give a damn about understanding your situation and your goals. It's the only way we can both achieve something awesome, and frankly it’s the only way we want to. 

If you are curious, uncertain or would like to chat about your business or adventure, we are all ears. You can even check out how our clients feel about us. 

Christine Lemar
Brand Nerd + Strategic Designer

Christine has spent a decade at design agencies, honing her craft and building her knowledge of branding. While she loves to nerd out over fonts, colors, and how to develop amazing client experiences, she values building relationships. A people person at heart, Christine never passes up a chance to meet new people or take a new adventure. Just one peek at her instagram and you can see it's never a dull moment!